Welcome to Dero Swap

This platform offers a user-friendly and rapid Dero swap service without the need for login credentials.
Currently, we exclusively support Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC) and Pirate (ARRR), with plans to incorporate additional cryptocurrencies in the future.
Our objective is to establish liquidity pools for various coins, enabling seamless swaps in both directions.

How does the swap work?

Enter all necessary data on the right side.
Select a pair, enter the amount in Dero, and provide your destination address.
Upon clicking the Send button, a new form containing all necessary information will be displayed.
This includes the deposit address, deposit amount, and a session ID.
At this point, the specified amount of coins is reserved for one hour.
Please ensure you send the deposit amount to the provided address within this one-hour timeframe.
If the server does not detect any incoming transactions within the allotted time,
the swap will be marked as expired, and the reserved amount will once again be available for new swaps.


    • Why am I encountering an error message when creating a request?
    • Various reasons could be causing this. If it's due to user input, the error message will specify the issue.
      For instance, an incorrect or unregistered Dero address or insufficient Dero funds.
      On the other hand, internal errors, such as a lack of price information or daemon/wallet errors, are identified separately.

    • How is the price calculated?
    • The fundamental value is derived from the Bid/Ask value of the underlying USD pair provided by TradeOgre
      or, in case of errors, by Xeggex.

    • What are the fees?
    • +0.75%
      Fees are already included in the price.

      LTC withdrawal fee: 0.0002 LTC
      BTC withdrawal fee: (variable)
      ARRR withdrawal fee: 0.001 ARRR
      XMR withdrawal fee: 0.00006 XMR

    • When will I receive the coins?
    • The payout occurs after receiving two confirmations.
      The server monitors incoming transactions every two minutes and promptly initiates the payout once confirmation is secured.

3rd Party Swaps

The Swap Client is under development. All available pairs are supported.
The client connects to the server and sends information about balances and available pairs.
There is a 2/5 chance that a request will be routed to an available client, even if no client was selected.

  • How can I create a 3rd Party Swap request?
  • Simply choose a name from the dropdown menu on the right side.
    Leave empty to use the main pool.

    All connected clients are listed below:

Job Offers

You haven't gone blind yet? Great!
I'm looking for someone who can create a very cool web frontend (HTML/CSS/PHP/JS) for Dero Swaps.
Interested? Join theDero Community PoolsDiscord Server or any other Dero Discord server
and ask for that strange guy who created this swap service ;-)
A few DERO are waiting to change the wallet owner.